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Ransomware Attacks on U.S. Health Care Organizations Estimated to Cost More than $157 Million

Researchers from comparitech reviewed ransomware attacks affecting health care organizations since 2016 and found that some 172 ransomware attacks have cost health care organizations in the U.S. more than $157 million.

In Pennsylvania, comparitech estimates there were five attacks that affected 343,000 medical records and 2.68 percent of the population, with an estimated cost as high as $7,000,000 when including business disruption, lost revenue, end-user and IT productivity, detection, recovery, equipment, and third-parties.

Comparitech’s analysis includes attacks that affect more than 500 patients and estimates that if they had the ability to include all attacks, these totals would likely be much higher. “With hospitals and other health providers often being seen as ‘easy targets’ for hackers, ransomware will continue to be a growing concern for organizations and patients alike,” the report notes.

HAP’s emergency management team continues to monitor this and other disasters, working with members to improve response capabilities by reviewing and testing their plans, holding disaster drills, and working with first responders. The emergency preparedness team has provided members with information about reporting ransomware attacks and situational awareness. For more information about HAP’s emergency management support for member hospitals, contact Mark Ross, HAP’s vice president, emergency management.

In addition, HAPevolve, a subsidiary of HAP, has established a partnership with Clearwater Compliance, a cybersecurity advisory firm that helps health care providers develop risk assessment and mitigation strategies around cybersecurity. For more information about this solution, or if your organization has other partnerships you fee other HAP members might benefit in, please contact Larry Estes, HAPevolve’s senior director, business development.

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