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The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Political Action Committee


Protecting Pennsylvania’s Health

HAPAC and HAPAC-Federal (HAPAC) are the political action committees for Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems, their employees, and the patients they serve. Both PACs are administered by The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP). HAPAC and HAPAC-Federal remain bipartisan in candidate support and decisions.

HAPAC is the state PAC and provides support to candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, as well as statewide candidates for public office, such as governor. Participation in HAPAC-state campaigns are open to anyone.

HAPAC-Federal provides support to Congressional candidates primarily through the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Political Action Committee (AHAPAC), an affiliated federal PAC. A percentage of all federally qualified contributions from individuals at authorized hospitals and health systems are credited to HAPAC–Federal, which is then shared with AHAPAC for distribution to federal candidates.

Due to federal law, participation in HAPAC-Federal is limited to individuals employed by a HAP member who are paid on a salary rather than hourly basis and who have policy making, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities. This includes salaried executive, managerial, administrative, hospital employed physicians, medical staff with supervisory responsibilities, and members of your board of directors (foundation board members are not included).

To learn more on how you can support HAPAC-Federal please contact Heidi Ryan, political action manager, at (717) 561-5368.

People choose to serve in the health care community because they want to provide quality care to people in their communities.

Every day, decisions are made by our elected officials in both Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. that affect the way health care is delivered in your community and can ultimately impact health care jobs.

HAPAC sends a powerful and unified message on behalf of health care leaders by allowing individuals to pool their contributions with those of thousands of their peers in Pennsylvania and across the country. When you contribute to HAPAC, you also:

  • Give HAP the opportunity to support candidates whose decisions impact your ability to deliver health care in your community. Hospital and health systems must be at the forefront of the debate
  • Expand your influence beyond your legislative district
  • Support candidate, incumbents, and legislative leaders who advocate on behalf of hospitals and health systems
  • Enable the entire hospital community to be a player in public policymaking
  • Make our health care advocacy more effective by sending a unified message and making the hospital community’s presence known

PACs are an integral part of the political process and a necessary advocacy tool.

Pennsylvania’s hospital and health system community is competing with many well-funded political interest groups. In order to advance the priorities of our hospitals and the communities we serve, we must demonstrate our collective commitment and maintain strong PAC support. Otherwise, we risk our future being defined by others who may have a different viewpoint.

Every dollar raised by HAPAC and HAPAC-Federal is used to invest in candidates and elected officials who demonstrate leadership on the issues most important to Pennsylvania hospitals and the patients for which they care.

The criteria used to support candidates and elected officials to receive HAPAC financial support is:

  • Recommendations from the HAPAC Board of Directors
  • Incumbent’s position on issues
  • Incumbent’s voting record
  • Committee assignments
  • Leadership positions
  • Recommendations from HAP members

HAPAC Disclaimer

Contributions to HAPAC and HAPAC-Federal are not deductible as charitable contributions. Your contribution is important to us, but we want to emphasize that all contributions are voluntary and have no impact on your job status, performance review, compensation, or employment. Any amount given or the decision not to give will not advantage or disadvantage you. All contributions are used for political purposes. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.