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HAP’s Achievement Awards March 1 Deadline Nearing: Submit Your Project Today

Pennsylvania is home to a diverse community of world-class hospitals and health systems, with leadership and health care teams laser-focused on providing excellent care to their patients. HAP’s Achievement Awards program highlights the innovative projects that these teams undertake to continuously improve upon the quality of the care they deliver, as well as the health of their communities.

Achievement Awards are presented for projects in four categories:

  • “Community Champions” recognizes organizations that distinguished themselves through efforts to advance the health and well-being of their communities
  • “Optimal Operations” recognizes best practices that help hospitals improve their efficiency and effectiveness
  • “In Safe Hands” recognizes innovative initiatives that speak to hospitals’ constant quest to improve the safety of care
  • “Excellence in Care” recognizes patient-centric initiatives that strengthen the quality of care

Additionally, each year the prestigious “Living the Vision” Award honors a hospital that goes above and beyond to achieve the “triple aim” of simultaneously improving the patient experience of care, boosting community health, and reducing health care costs.

Last year’s winning entries featured efforts to:

  • Stem the opioid crisis
  • Reduce chronic conditions and hospital readmissions
  • Streamline hospital operations
  • Improve patients’ experiences
  • Prevent workplace violence and human trafficking
  • Address non-medical socioeconomic factors that can impact someone’s health

Pennsylvania hospitals are encouraged to apply for the 2020 HAP Achievement Awards by the March 1 deadline. Winners will be honored at the closing luncheon of the 2020 HAP Leadership Summit, which takes place May 20–21 in Harrisburg.

More information about the HAP Achievement Awards, including a full list of the 2019 winners can be found at HAP’s website.

For more information, contact Daneen Schroder, HAP’s vice president, member services and business development.

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