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HAP Holds COVID-19 Media Call

During a media briefing call today, HAP president and CEO Andy Carter provided reporters with an update about Pennsylvania hospitals’ response to COVID-19, and outlined its work to ensure hospitals have the short- and long-term resources they need to continue to fight the disease.

Carter began his prepared remarks by acknowledging the incredible work being done by the health care staff who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. He noted the humbling, selfless stories of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and clinical staff who are caring for patients during this public health crisis.

Carter also briefed reporters about efforts underway in Washington, D.C., and Harrisburg to advocate for resources and flexibility to help hospitals adapt their facilities to treat COVID-19 patients. He stressed that while hospitals are able to handle the current volume of patients—through individual facility surge plans and reducing or cancelling elective procedures—this is a new disease and we must prepare accordingly.

Specifically, Carter highlighted the need for:

  • The public to continue to help “flatten the curve” of the disease by staying home
  • Additional resources to keep staff and patients safe, including supplies, tests, new care sites
  • Options for patients who are finished with their hospital care, but have nowhere to go to complete their 14-day quarantine
  • Healthcare Coronavirus Emergency Fund to support hospitals in the response to COVID-19 including providing funding to support child care for health care workers and to improve and adapt health care infrastructure to handle long-term needs
  • Regulatory flexibility to improve access to telehealth services, increase the availability of treatment beds, and streamline licensure requirements for health care workers

Carter also answered a variety of reporter questions about hospital surge planning and preparations, supply availability, and its advocacy efforts.

For more information, contact Rachel Moore, HAP’s director media relations, or Warren Kampf, HAP’s senior vice president, advocacy and external affairs.

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