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Brave Hospitals

August 15, 2014

Recently, Janette Bisbee, a member of HAP’s Hospital Engagement Network team, delivered a compelling presentation on hospital patient and family engagement efforts. During the presentation, she referred to “brave hospitals”––those entities willing to step out and take risks, accepting the possibility of cultural discomfort, unrest, or even failure.

This got me to thinking that HAP’s responsibility is to encourage and empower our members to be brave in this ever-changing health care environment. We need to do this by providing advocacy, resources, and education. We also must help spread the word about health care delivery change and what it means.

HAP must help the public, policymakers, elected officials, and stakeholders understand the tough choices and risks that health care providers are taking to adapt and ensure access to quality care.

So what kinds of actions might be considered brave?

  • Taking real steps toward billing and price transparency. This starts with educating consumers and patients on the basics of billing to eliminate surprises, and ultimately giving them factual information about price and value.
  • Integrating the importance of quality outcomes and patient satisfaction scores in to the entire culture of an organization…with accountability across the entire organization
  • Undertaking clinical integration––the movement to the triple aim
  • Creating patient and family committees that provide real and raw feedback about a hospital’s patient interactions and communications
  • Creating physician leadership opportunities to drive change
  • Making population health part of your mission

I would be interested to know what you think about this notion of brave hospitals. Have I hit the mark, missed the mark?

HAP recently stepped out of its comfort zone, and took a journey in to unchartered territory when we adopted our new strategic plan. The plan is different, bold, and I believe, brave as well.

We will take risks that create some cultural discomfort. And we may fail in some of our efforts as we work to be the leading voice for a healthy Pennsylvania.

But the status quo is not an option. Modest change is not an option. Together with our members, we too must strive to be brave.