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New State Funding to Help Homeless Pennsylvanians

November 06, 2020

Pennsylvania this week announced new funding for emergency shelter for homeless individuals during the coming months. The state is facing its first winter during the already-challenging COVID-19 pandemic and, with coronavirus cases expected to worsen, state officials are enhancing support and services available to the state’s homeless to provide safe shelter in addition to helping to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Under the new Emergency Solutions Grant program, called ESG-C Code Blue, funds can be used by providers and communities toward eligible activities that help “provide the tools that communities need to protect their residents, providing them safe shelter and preventing the spread of coronavirus further.”

The application period will remain open until November 16, 2020. The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development is administering the program. More information and an online application is available at the department’s website. The minimum grant amount is $15,000 and there is no maximum amount. All funding awarded must be used by April 1, 2021.

Hospitals and health systems in Pennsylvania are strong supporters of enhancing the physical and mental health of their communities. By researching the health needs of the community, often through community health needs assessments, innovative programs and interventions are possible with community partners that lead to improvements in population health and reducing health disparities.

HAP’s website provides additional information about population health in Pennsylvania, including an interactive dashboard, and social determinants of health, which are the socioeconomic and environmental factors that heavily influence a person's health.

For more information about HAP’s population health efforts, please contact Rob Shipp, III, HAP’s vice president, population health and clinical affairs.