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Health Care Remains a Top Priority Among Americans

A recent Gallop poll of American adults indicates that health care remains a top-of-mind issue among Americans and will, once again, be a consideration in the upcoming Presidential election. Of the poll responses, 35 percent of adults ranked health care extremely important, and 81 percent ranked health care as either extremely important or very important.

Gallop is a polling and analytics company based in Washington, D.C. Poll results are received December 2 through December 15, and prior to recent events in Iran, which may elevate Americans’ views on national security.

Of the 16 issues presented in the poll, five received at least a 30 percent rating as extremely important:

  • Health care, ranked extremely important by 35 percent
  • National security, ranked extremely important by 34 percent
  • Gun policy: ranked extremely important by 34 percent
  • Education: ranked extremely important by 33 percent
  • Economy: ranked extremely important by 30 percent

Based on political party, 44 percent of Democrats, 36 percent of Independents, and 22 percent of Republicans rated health care as extremely important, a 27 point difference between Democrats and Republicans. It was noted that, in the past, the party “out of power” often rated certain issues more important than responses representing the party in power.

Pennsylvania hospital leaders continue to stress the critical importance of getting and keeping insurance coverage for all Americans and, despite continuing federal efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more than 1.1 million Pennsylvanians have benefited from health care coverage as a result of the ACA. That coverage has meant access to care—preventative services, less costly outpatient visits rather than hospitalizations, treatment for behavioral health and substance abuse—and ultimately, better health.

HAP and the hospital community remain committed to working with the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation and the Administration to identify opportunities to improve the ACA and health care coverage and treatment for all Americans.

Please contact Laura Stevens Kent, HAP’s senior vice president, strategic integration, with questions.

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