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COVID-19 Version of Online Emergency Planning App, PREP, Available at No Cost

A temporarily modified COVID-19 version of the Portable Response Emergency Plan, or PREP, HAPevolve’s web-based mobile app for emergency preparedness plans is now available at no cost to health care facilities.

The PREP app, launched earlier this year, moves paper emergency operation plans out of a three-ring binder and into a mobile, web-based, customizable solution, giving staff immediate access to policies and procedures in preparation for and in response to an emergency incident.

When an emergency happens, every second counts, especially in health care settings. Health care facilities need an up-to-date emergency preparedness plan and the ability to let patients, visitors, and staff know what to do.

Most facilities update their plans using paper and ink, a two-thousand year old technology, failing to keep up with a digital world. To solve this problem HAPevolve, a subsidiary company of The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) has launched a new tool to help health care facilities streamline emergency preparedness.

PREP will help health care facilities remain compliant with regulations and streamline health care provider emergency response.

For more information, contact Mary Akyol, HAPevolve’s manager, client service.

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