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September 24, 2021

Senate Bill 533

Bill sponsored by Sen. Yaw

Summary:  Prevents agencies from taking certain regulatory actions during an emergency declaration

Position:  Monitor

September 24, 2021

Senate Bill 856

Bill sponsored by Sen. Cappelletti

Summary:  Age of consent for vaccines

Position: Monitor

September 24, 2021

Senate Bill 869

Bill sponsored by Sen. Tomlinson

Summary:  Modernizes BPOA board functions

Position: Support

September 24, 2021

Senate Bill 815

Bill sponsored by Sen. Muth

Summary:  Informed consent for pelvic, rectal, or prostate exams under anesthesia

Position: Monitor

September 20, 2021

Pharmacy Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Preserve Emergency Vaccine Waivers

On Monday, the House Professional Licensure Committee heard testimony from pharmacy vaccine providers and others in the health care community about the ways COVID-19 emergency waivers have improved access to vaccines. The hearing comes as lawmakers begin to determine their next steps for critical COVID-19 emergency waivers and flexibilities that are set to expire September 30.