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November 16, 2020

Mask Wearing and Flu Shots Protect Yourself and Others

As the Pennsylvania Department of Health continues to report record daily increases in COVID-19 cases across the state, preventing the spread of the illness remains a critical step in ensuing that hospitals continue to have the capacity and resources they need to treat every patient who needs care.

November 12, 2020

House Committee Holds Informational meeting on Review of the Regional Response Health Collaboration Program

In Harrisburg today, the House Committee on Aging and Older Adult Services held an informational hearing on the effectiveness of the Regional Response Health Collaboration Program (RRHCP). Chaired by Representative Gary Day (R-Lehigh), the committee which oversees policy concerning the aging population heard testimony from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, hospitals and health systems representing the Southwest and Northeast regional RRHCPs, and organizations representing long term care facilities.

November 09, 2020

National Training Collaborative Launched to Support Frontline Workers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in partnership with the American Hospital Association and others, has launched Project Firstline, a national training collaborative to ensure that frontline health care workers are aware of COVID-19 infection control best practices in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

November 05, 2020

National Issues that Brought Voters to the Polls

Americans voted in record numbers for this week’s election, with more than one hundred million early votes ahead of the election, and 35 million Americans going to the polls to vote in person. What issues incited such a large turnout among voters this year? 

October 28, 2020

Pennsylvanians Urged to Get Vaccinated Against the Flu

Today HAP, in partnership with more than 50 other organizations and entities, released a statement encouraging Pennsylvanians to get their flu shot. As the flu season rapidly approaches, this effort aims to bring awareness to the importance of getting vaccinated. 

October 22, 2020

COVID-19 Cases Increasing in PA and Across the U.S.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health today reported one of the highest numbers of single day positive cases (2,063) for COVID-19 since the pandemic began. It was noted by the department that a faulty data file sent by a laboratory earlier this week may have prevented positive cases from being recorded earlier in the week, which may have added to the high number today. But, with 75 percent of the country seeing increasing cases of COVID-19, Pennsylvanians are urged to continue with their mitigation efforts.