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PA Legislature Passes Package of Bills Related to COVID-19

Today, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a set of bills aimed at helping to relieve stressors on Pennsylvanians caused by COVID-19 and the ripple effects in communities. Within this package, a $50 million fund was designated to assist the health care community in purchasing supplies and equipment to help protect patients and health care providers. The bill now goes to the Governor who is expected to sign it.

The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) thanks the legislature and Governor for this support and looks forward to working with them as the hospital community continues to face increasing demands on their workforce, supply chains, and the safe treatment of patients. Other states have passed funds upwards of $200 million.

This partnership will require a significant increase in dollars made available to the health care community to ensure the financial viability of Pennsylvania’s hospital network during the growing response to COVID-19 and into the future.

Pennsylvania health care providers are at the center of the response, working around the clock to prepare and provide care. In order to save lives, this will depend on ample resources. The health care community is prepared to support patients, but needs critical support from the state government to protect lives and keep communities healthy.

The Healthcare Coronavirus Response Fund, designed by HAP, would allow hospitals to immediately access funds where other state and federal resources are not immediately available for:

  • Additional surge demands, supplies, and equipment
  • Development of clinical infrastructure
  • Full utilization of telemedicine services
  • Support during workforce challenges—setting up childcare facilities, hiring more staff, providing overtime, hiring temporary employees
  • Housing solutions for patients who do not need hospital levels of care but cannot be cared for at home

HAP continues to communicate and update lawmakers about the need to support the health care community, first and foremost.

For additional information, please contact Warren Kampf, senior vice president, advocacy and external affairs.

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