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HAP, HAPevolve Partner with Life Sciences, Business, and State Agencies to Increase Supplies and Health Care Volunteers

HAP is partnering with Life Sciences Pennsylvania, the PA Chamber of Business and Industry (PA Chamber), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development to generate donations, promote volunteerism, and increase supplies needed by Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health systems to test and treat patients with novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

This centralized approach allows state government and hospitals to more efficiently match requests with available supplies. HAPevolve President Joe Tibbs is spearheading HAP’s efforts to locate supplies and volunteers and get them into the field.

“During this difficult time, we appreciate any and all assistance to help protect our health care workers and prevent the further spread of the virus,” said Tibbs. “Our state and community response to this crisis has been encouraging.”

Last week, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Life Sciences Pennsylvania, and HAP issued a joint letter requesting life sciences and other organizations to consider how they may be able to help bring additional supplies and other resources to the hospital and health care community.

Earlier this week, the PA Chamber issued a request to businesses across the state that if they have access to or a supply of N95 masks, eye gear, medical gowns, and medical gloves and do not anticipate the need to utilize these items in the near future, to donate them. The PA Chamber also urged businesses to consider whether they may be able to adjust their manufacturing to produce much-needed personal protective equipment.

A list of needed personal protective equipment, hospital supplies, lab supplies, diagnostic supplies and instruments, and health care professionals is available at HAP’s COVID-19 web page. If you have supplies to donate, email opportunities@HAPevolve.com.

Also note, in an effort to enhance manufacturing capabilities, on March 24 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released instructions to manufacturers importing personal protective equipment and other devices in response to COVID-19. The instructions will assist in facilitating and expediting the importation of products into the U.S. to help address the rising supply needs.

Businesses interested in adjusting its manufacturing to produce personal protective equipment should contact Kevin Sunday, PA Chamber government affairs director.

In addition to the donation of supplies and enhancement of manufacturing, the health care community appreciates the generosity of Pennsylvanians with health care expertise and experience who have stepped up to volunteer. Medical and non-medical individuals who wish to volunteer are encouraged to register at the SERVPA website.

For more information about donating supplies, contact Joe Tibbs, HAPevolve president.

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