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August 02, 2021

How Emergency Managers Should Prepare for Mass Gatherings this Summer

Whether accommodating additional attendance at a regularly scheduled event or responding to new events that are popping up, it’s important for hospital emergency managers to be tuned in to mass gathering events in their community and plan accordingly. More than ever—as we carefully monitor the spread of the Delta variant—we know that we need to prepare for these events, and that our emergency managers will play an important role to make sure our communities are ready.

July 15, 2021

Is Your Emergency Communications Plan Ready for Severe Weather?

The summer is upon us, and with that comes the increasing likelihood of severe weather. As storms swirl this summer, we know that our hospitals will remain open—and that we need to prepare for a host of weather-related emergencies. 

June 29, 2021

Patient and Family Engagement: Recovering from the Pandemic

Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) provide a proven approach for health care systems and practices to partner with patients and families to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience. As a result of the pandemic, hospital PFACs no longer were able to meet face-to-face.