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About HAP

HAP Staff Directory

Executive Office

The Executive Office is responsible for the overall direction and management of The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), its strategic plan, and fulfillment of HAP’s vision, mission, and guiding principles. HAP’s president and chief executive officer is a member of the HAP Board of Directors and interacts with regional, statewide, and national health care organizations.

Andy Carter, President and Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Smedley, Special Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer
Kayla Gruber, External Affairs Specialist


The Accounting staff is responsible for all corporate accounting, budgeting, and financial operations of the association as well as establishing and maintaining internal controls. Staff also is responsible for providing oversight in monitoring compliance with all provisions of federal and state contracts, grants, and regulations; and all lobbying reporting requirements.

Mary Zimmerman, Vice President and Controller
Doug Barber, Senior Accountant
Lisa Minich, Accounts Receivable Specialist
Brenda Redding, Accounts Payable Specialist
Nagib Ibrahim, Staff Accountant

Administrative Services

Administrative Services staff provides office management support, leads the administrative team, and provides project support within the areas of accounting and finance, communications and public affairs, human resources, information technology, membership services, quality, and population health.

Patricia Heinbaugh, Manager, Administrative Services and Special Projects


The Legislative Advocacy staff is primarily responsible for the association’s advocacy efforts with the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the Governor’s Office, and the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation. Department staff leads grassroots advocacy through Congressional Relations Teams and the Hospital Association Political Action Committee (HAPAC).

Warren Kampf, Senior Vice President, Advocacy and External Affairs
Laura Stevens Kent, Vice President, Federal Legislative Advocacy
Timothy Ohrum, Vice President, Grassroots Advocacy
Stephanie Watkins, Vice President, State Legislative Advocacy
Sue Stewart, Manager, Political Development


Business Development and Member Services staff leads HAP’s membership marketing, member relations, member satisfaction, strategic and business planning, and is responsible for maintenance of the association’s institution-specific database.

Daneen Schroder, Vice President, Business Development and Member Services
Marty Kenyon, Education Program and Membership Coordinator


Business Development and Operations staff provides support to the association in the areas of internal accounting and finance, communications and public affairs, facility management, human resources, information technology, membership services, quality, and population health. This area is responsible for all billing and collection of association dues, as well as maintenance of the various membership databases.

Tina Latin-True, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Operations
Samuel BowerCraft, Vice President, Operations
Dawn Hall, Senior Administrative Assistant


The Communications and Public Affairs staff is responsible for HAP member publications, media relations, social media strategies, Healthy Me PA (HAP’s digital community), and all other association communications services and activities.

Julie Kissinger, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
Jennifer Collins, Director, Public Affairs
Rachel Moore, Director, Media Relations
Priscilla Koutsouradis, Director, Public Relations
Mike Rupert, Manager, Integrated Communications
Cindy Glessner, Manager, Website Services

Education Services

Education Services is responsible for the development and implementation of HAP education programs and continuing education activities including membership workshops, distance learning, and statewide conferences.

Emily Lewis, Education Program Manager

Emergency Preparedness

The Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Project team partners with the state Department of Health to support and enhance statewide health care preparedness and response efforts. Staff works with all Pennsylvania health care facilities across the continuum of care to help with emergency preparedness planning and coordination efforts.

Mark Ross, Vice President, Emergency Preparedness
Jason Brown, Deputy Director, Emergency Preparedness
Brian Barth, Regional Manager, Southeast Region
Matthew Linse, Regional Manager, Northwest and Northwest Central
Christopher Chamberlain, Regional Manager, North Central and East Central
Jason Tomashunas, Regional Manager, Northeast, East Central
Scott Mickalonis, Regional Manager, South Central, South Central Mountain

Health Care Finance and Insurance

The staff in Health Care Finance and Insurance analyze the fiscal impact of federal and state policies as they apply to hospitals and health systems, advocate for fair reimbursement policies, and assist hospitals and health systems in payment issues with payors and data affecting the health care finance and delivery system.

Jolene Calla, Vice President, Health Care Finance & Insurance
Kathryn Slatt, Senior Director,  Innovative Payment and Care Delivery
Judy A. Miller, Director, Financial Systems Analysis

Health Economics and Policy

The Health Economics and Policy staff is primarily responsible for the association’s policy development, advocacy efforts with state and federal agencies, legal issues, and services to member constituency groups.

Jeffrey Bechtel, Senior Vice President, Health Economics and Policy
Susan Weltmer, Administrative Assistant


Human Resource Services staff is responsible for all personnel and human resource services, monitoring HAP’s compensation system, benefit offerings, compliance with state and federal human resource requirements, and recruitment activities for the association.

Kimberly McCoy, Director, Human Resource Services

Information Technology and services

The Information Technology (IT) and Services staff is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure to support and ensure IT system integrity, security, and performance, which includes HAP’s membership management system, electronic communication and security, telecommunications, and all hardware and software support.

Arvydas Svalbonas, Director, Information Technology and Services
Judy Lynn, Network Specialist


The Professional and Regulatory Advocacy staff monitors and responds to state and federal legislative, regulatory, and policy issues including facility and professional licensure, accreditation, and workforce supply across the care continuum, and provides compliance guidance.

Jennifer Jordan, Vice President, Regulatory Advocacy
Kate Routledge, Senior Director, Compliance Support
Mary Marshall, Director, Workforce and Professional Development


The Quality Initiatives program implements strategies to support Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems in improving the patient experience, patient care transitions, patient harm prevention, and preventing patient infections.

Population Health staff is responsible for population health management and value-based care systems. Staff engages hospital and health system physician leadership in HAP's policy, advocacy, and education initiatives.

Robert Shipp III, Vice President, Quality and Population Health

Mary Catanzaro, Project Manager, Infection Prevention
Janette Bisbee, Project Manager, Pressure Ulcer
Clare Edelmayer, Project Manager, Infection Prevention
Glen Raser, Senior Accountant
Maggie Miller, Project Manager, Sepsis
Beth Murray, Project Manager, Readmissions
Sara Baker, Manager, Contract Operations
Peter Nguyen, Manager, Data Analytics
Graycen Hunt, Clinical Data Analyst
Abby Koenig, Data Analyst
Megan Dickson, Administrative Assistant/Education Coordinator


The Research staff provides data analysis and health care trend information, and supports members directly by modeling hospital-specific impact analyses related to Medicare and Medicaid budget and policy changes, and the impact of specific payment adjustment programs.

Sari Siegel, Vice President, Health Care Research
Duy Tran, Data Engineer/Database Administrator
Ayse Yilmaz, Research Analyst
Obaid Zaman, Project Director
Kathleen J. Moyer, Administrative Assistant

HAPevolve Staff Directory

HAPevolve is a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary company of HAP. HAPevolve offers consulting and custom education specific to the challenges of understanding and implementing health care legislation and regulation. Leveraging HAP’s unparalleled expertise and strategic business partners, the HAPevolve menu of services includes on-demand solutions to alleviate legal, regulatory, fiscal, and operational obstacles within hospitals and health care organizations.

Joe Tibbs, President
Larry Estes, Senior Director, Business Development
Lori Mulholland, Regional Account Executive
Tom Grace, Principal Consultant, Emergency Preparedness
Mary Akyol, Manager, Client Services

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