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    Health care remains a top policy issue for many Americans. One way to advocate for your hospital, health care, and your community and influence the policies that affect them is to vote on Election Day.

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    About Pennsylvania's Election

    This year’s Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, May 16. This is an opportunity for Pennsylvania voters to elect candidates to represent their given party in the November General Election.

    • Pennsylvania is a Closed Primary, meaning voters may only elect candidates within their respective registered parties.
    • Voters will elect candidates for four statewide judicial offices to serve ten year terms.
      • Justice of the Supreme Court (one position)
      • Judge of the Superior Court (two positions)
      • Judge of the Commonwealth Court (one position)
    • In addition to statewide judicial offices, voters will also elect candidates for local county row officers, municipal offices, and county judges.

    Resources for Voters

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