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Report: A Roadmap for Growing Pennsylvania's Health Care Talent

Pennsylvania’s health care workforce is in crisis. The state’s health care workforce shortages—intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic—are some of the most severe and persistent in the country. State government intervention and strategic policy are necessary to support the needs of health care professionals and their employers, and to ensure high-quality care remains available in Pennsylvania, regardless of ZIP code.

HAP Report, A Roadmap for Growing Pennsylvania's Health Care TalentThe Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), led by its Health Care Talent Task Force, calls for a mutual commitment among the governor, legislature, and Pennsylvania hospitals to:

  • Prioritize health care talent infrastructure
  • Support health care workers
  • Strengthen the health care community

Despite economic and workforce disruptions, Pennsylvania’s health care sector remains a national innovator, economic driver, and quality employer for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians. Commitment and action to overcome workforce shortages will only strengthen Pennsylvania’s health and communities.

HAP has built upon its initial recommendations from 2020, providing this stakeholder roadmap for closing gaps in Pennsylvania’s health care workforce. Working together, we can arrive at a destination that benefits patients, providers, hospitals, communities, and the commonwealth's economy.

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Topics: Access to Care, Workforce

Revision Date: 1/23/2023

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