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Advocacy Correspondence: House Professional Licensure Committee, House Bill 1862

January 21, 2022

TO: Chairman Hickernell, Chairman Wheatley, and Members of the House Professional Licensure Committee

FROM: Heather Tyler, Vice President, State Legislative Advocacy

SUBJECT: House Bill 1862: Removing Two-Facility Limit on Physician Institutional Licenses

On behalf of more than 240 members statewide, The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) expresses its support for House Bill 1862, sponsored by Representative Keith Gillespie (R-York). As you know, the measure currently is awaiting action of the House Professional Licensure Committee.

Pennsylvania state law limits physicians with institutional licenses to practicing or teaching at two facilities within a health system. This limitation needlessly intensifies the effect of the health care workforce shortage, straining health systems and putting patients at an unnecessary disadvantage for receiving proper care in a timely way. A waiver presently suspends the two-facility restriction but is set to expire on March 31 of this year—a little over two months from now.

HB 1862 seeks to permanently remove this bureaucratic barrier by allowing physicians at teaching hospitals to teach and practice at more than two facilities within the same health system. The increased staffing flexibility will directly benefit Pennsylvania patients. A specialist will be able to treat more patients in multiple facilities with the end result being greater access to care for patients.

This bill also presents one of many long-term solutions that will be necessary to mitigate the ongoing health care workforce shortage, in that these specialists will also be able to educate emerging medical professionals.

On behalf of Pennsylvania hospitals, current and future physicians, and the patients they serve, we respectfully ask that you please include House Bill 1862 on the committee calendar and vote yes.



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