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Case Study: Abington – Jefferson Health 2020 HAP Achievement Award

Enhanced Recovery for Cesarean Delivery: A QI Project to Reduce Opioid Use

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For many women, Cesarean delivery may be the first exposure to opioids. Aiming to reduce the risk of opioid dependency after birth and improve recovery, Abington – Jefferson Health developed a new multidisciplinary approach to care for women during and after Cesarean delivery. Its new program includes extensive education prior to birth, development of recommended alternatives to pain relief during and after delivery, as well as postpartum pain management support.

Among the key lessons from the project:

  • Develop commitment across disciplines, including obstetricians, anesthesia providers, nurses, and clinical associates from all inpatient obstetrical areas, and other partners
  • Establish collaboration between stakeholders early in the process and carry the mindset throughout
  • Include patient and family advisors in the design and development process to help improve the patient experience

Through its program, Abington – Jefferson Health achieved impressive results, significantly reducing postoperative use of opioids after Cesarean deliveries. More than 25 percent of women left the hospital after Cesarean delivery without taking any postoperative opioid analgesics, compared to 0 to 2 percent during the previous three years.

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Topics: Quality Initiatives

Revision Date: 8/1/2020

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