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Fact Sheet: Retaining Health Care Innovations

Retaining Health Care InnovationsPennsylvanians are living in a world of uncertainty. 

Under the Governor’s COVID-19 emergency declaration, health care providers can access temporary administrative waivers and flexibilities that support them in addressing the health care needs of patients. 

Once the emergency declaration ends, many of these provisions will end abruptly. This threat creates yet another concern for patients accessing medical care and members of the health care community. 

Throughout the pandemic, these flexibilities have allowed medical providers to focus on patient care, create a safe return to hospitals, and treat patients effectively in the midst of a pandemic.

Some of these waivers and flexibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing access to telemedicine
  • Temporary licensure extensions and flexibilities
  • Allowing hospitals to innovatively utilize their workforce and facilities

During 2020, HAP supported House Bill 2779, the Retaining Health Care Innovations Act, which protected these benefits for one year after the end of the declaration and directed the legislature to commission a report to make recommendations about which waivers and flexibilities should remain. 

One thing is certain…

Pennsylvanians—both health care providers and patients—should not have to go back to outdated and ineffective regulatory guidelines. 

Increased access to telemedicine, licensure extensions, and effective utilization of a workforce is critical to a healthy Pennsylvania. 

We need a predictable, secure, and gradual path to exit this crisis. This is an opportunity for innovation, cutting unnecessary red tape, and improving the patient experience.



Topics: Public Health, Regulatory Advocacy, State Advocacy

Revision Date: 2/12/2021

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