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Staff Supporting Staff (SSS) Poster, COVID-19


This one page infographic can be shared electronically, at staff meetings, or posted in areas of high visibility such as staff lounges and/or bathroom stalls (stall talk). Modeling this stress management approach at all levels will demonstrate the positive impact it can play.

Other action items to consider:

  • Post/share a list of internal resources for staff to access such as an employee assistance program (EAP), financial advice (if available), and any other supportive services that are available
  • The CDC offers support for health care workers 24/7 to help with anxiety and stress.  The number to the  “National Crisis Distress Hotline” is:

1-800-985-5990 or Text “Talkwithus” to 66746

  • Offer healthy snacks to staff to boost morale and resilience
  • Have debriefing huddles (limit time as needed) to give staff an avenue to share their concern and share positive stories
  • Seek out staff champions that will foster positive/solution oriented talk among staff
  • Monitor staff for burnout and exhaustion
  • Share who you are pairing up with

Contact Beth Murray, HAP readmissions project manager, for any questions or comments.


Topics: Emergency Preparedness

Revision Date: 4/2/2020

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