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2023 Federal Legislative Advocacy Agenda


  • Financial Stability:  Advocate for fair Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement that covers the cost of providing care, reduces administrative burden, and allows for investment in physical infrastructure
  • Rural and Underserved:  Support financial reinforcements for hospitals serving rural and underserved communities and protect the 340B Drug Pricing Program
  • Payor Accountability:  Hold health plans accountable to the promise of coverage and access by addressing prior authorization abuse, network inadequacy, and other barriers to care


  • Workforce:  Advance policies to protect the health care workforce, ease immediate staffing shortages and advance mid- and long-range solutions to grow the health care workforce
  • Behavioral Health Capacity:  Update and invest in the nation’s behavioral health system by enforcing parity laws, expanding access to services, and supporting the healthcare workforce, which continues to deal with burnout, violence, shortages, and other challenges
  • Equity:  Pursue strategies and support public policies aimed at eliminating racial and ethnic health inequities, and support a diverse health care workforce


  • Care Innovation:  Continue to apply pandemic-era learning to streamline, modernize, and innovate health care delivery
  • Value:  Advance models of care that strengthen quality while lowering costs
  • Protect Preparedness:  Apply lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure stability and integrity of the supply chain and investment in standby capacity, including in the health care workforce



Topics: Affordable Prescription Drugs, Behavioral Health, Federal Advocacy, Public Health, Workforce

Revision Date: 2/24/2023

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