Emergency Management

Pennsylvania hospitals are essential in public health and medical emergency response. They have plans in place to deal with everyday emergencies and unexpected disasters, and work to improve their response capabilities by reviewing and testing their plans, holding disaster drills, and working with first responders.

Emergency Management in Pennsylvania

Emergency Preparedness Training Exercise

When a disaster impacts a state, region, or community, the health care system plays a crucial first responder role. From large hospitals to smaller community health centers, these entities work with emergency professionals, law enforcement, and state and federal agencies to address immediate needs and to deal with longer term recovery. Disasters may include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural disasters such as floods, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes
  • Mass casualty incidents include multiple vehicle accidents, train accidents, active shooter incidents
  • Environmental accidents such as chemical fires and spills
  • Acts of domestic and foreign terrorism
  • Public health threats such as the Ebola outbreak and flu pandemics

Hospitals and health system staff, health care and emergency personnel, as well as volunteers, are responding to life-threatening situations. They drill and train to make immediate situational assessments and practice critical decision-making to protect the public.

HAP's Emergency Management Staff Can Help

HAP’s emergency management team helps Pennsylvania's hospitals and health systems prepare for public health emergencies and serves as a national model for best practices in health care coordination for emergent and disaster events. HAP's emergency management staff have the experience and knowledge necessary to help providers prepare for the next disaster.

Meet HAP's EM Staff

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Featured Resource

HAPevolve's COVID-19 PREP

HAPevolve's COVID-19 PREP, a Complimentary and Portable Resource Tool Portable Response Emergency Plan (PREP) is a web-based, mobile app created to house health care facilities’ Emergency Plans. 

HAPevolve is offering a temporarily modified COVID-19 version of PREP at no cost to health care facilities for the global pandemic. COVID-19 PREP has a single-point access to up-to-date pandemic information and resources. 

HAPevolve's PREP app for COVID-19

Available on both iOS and Android! Sign up to access instructions on how to download the app.

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