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Workforce Solutions Spotlight—Meadville Medical Center

Meadville Medical Center program will help build the pipeline for our future workforce

May 01, 2024

As Pennsylvania ages, many health care professionals are approaching retirement just as the need for health care is rapidly growing. Hospitals and health systems are leading the way in growing the next generation of health care professionals to care for Pennsylvanians and our communities.

Last month, Meadville Medical Center (MMC) announced a new training program for individuals wanting to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The MMC Institute for Healthcare Professionals—anticipated to launch late this year—will be MMC’s first educational-based program.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to offer educational programs for individuals interested in pursuing health care-related careers,” said Philip Pandolph, president and CEO at MMC. “Our goal is to start with an LPN program and potentially expand to other in-demand health care jobs. We are optimistic this will benefit MMC and other local health care providers, as well as, benefit the entire community by preserving and enhancing local access to in-demand health care-related careers.”

Students will complete the requirements within one year. They will end the program as a practical nurse and take their boards to be licensed. The program will fill a critical local need with another practical nursing program in the county expected to stop operations after this year.

“We not only want to expand the opportunities locally, but the goal is to really engage with our students and provide a high-quality program,” said the institute’s director, Tammy Sanfilippo. “This will not only be a school, but a truly immersive experience where graduates make an immediate impact upon entering the workforce.”

HAP and Pennsylvania’s hospital community are committed to developing tomorrow’s health care workforce. In addition to their own initiatives and community partnerships, hospitals are advocating for public policies to grow and support the health care workforce.

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