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UnitedHealth Group Updates Timeline for Medical Claims Software

March 18, 2024

This morning, UnitedHealth Group (UHG) announced its phased rollout of medical claims preparation software, a move the company called an “important step in the resumption of services.

In a press release, UHG said the system would be available to thousands of customers in the next several days and that it expected third-party attestations to be available before services were operational.

“Following this initial phase, remaining services restoration will continue through ongoing phases of activation until all customers have been connected,” UHG said in the statement.

Last week, the company said it restored Change Healthcare’s electronic payments platform and was proceeding with payor implementations. On March 7, the company said it restored a large majority of Change Healthcare pharmacy network services, and “continues to work on remaining issues.”

In its update, the company said it had advanced more than “$2 billion thus far through multiple initiatives.” As noted in a HAP bulletin last week, hospital leaders and counsel should carefully review the terms and conditions of UHG’s temporary funding assistance program as participation may affect hospitals’ ability to take legal action in the future. A FAQ guide is available online.

“The company recognizes the high level of fragmentation of the U.S. health system can result in uneven experiences, therefore it continues to enhance and expand funding support to make it easier for care providers to access funding help at no cost,” the company update said. “To further assist care providers, the company also suspended prior authorizations for most outpatient services and utilization review of inpatient admissions for Medicare Advantage plans.”

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