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Unhealthy Air Quality Continues in Pa.

June 08, 2023

Smoke from wildfires in Canada continues to affect air quality in Pennsylvania, with fine particulate matter remaining at unhealthy levels in many parts of the state.

State agencies advised residents—especially in the south-central and eastern parts of the commonwealth—to stay indoors if possible and take steps to limit exposure, including keeping doors and windows closed, avoiding burning candles or smoking indoors, and using air filters.

While smoky conditions persist throughout the state, air pollution has spiked to extreme levels in some areas. Air quality was in the Code Maroon (hazardous) and Code Purple (very unhealthy) ranges this morning in the east and south-central regions and remains unhealthy.

During an air quality action day, all Pennsylvanians—and especially people with heart or lung disease, older adults, children, teens, and pregnant people—should take the following steps to reduce exposure:

  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities
  • Keep outdoor activities short
  • Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them

For localized, real-time conditions by ZIP code, visit the federal government’s AirNow website.