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Record-breaking Pennie Enrollment for 2024

January 29, 2024

Pennsylvania saw record enrollment on its health insurance marketplace Pennie, with more than 430,000 Pennsylvanians signing up for coverage for 2024.

State health insurance leaders celebrated the news today that more Pennsylvanians have access to quality health care through Pennie than ever before.

“This record-breaking number in enrollment is a tremendous milestone because it means more Pennsylvanians than ever have secured an affordable plan through Pennie, benefitting from one of many options in our competitive and robust marketplace," Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael Humphreys said in a statement.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • By the numbers:  Nearly 435,000 Pennsylvanians selected plans during open enrollment, which represents a 17 percent increase from this time last year and 56 percent increase since 2020.
    • Nationally, a record 21.3 million people selected an Affordable Care Act marketplace plan during 2024 open enrollment.

  • Help for coverage:  The Inflation Reduction Act increased the subsidies people receive to afford coverage, providing an additional 45 percent compared to the baseline subsidies.
    • About 9 in 10 enrollees received subsidies averaging $500 per month.
  • Key change:  The end of continuous enrollment in the Medicaid program last spring meant more people who potentially needed to acquire insurance on their own.
    • Through December, more than 575,000 Pennsylvanians were disenrolled in the program, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. This included over 282,000 who were deemed ineligible during the redetermination process.
  • Important note:  While open enrollment ended earlier this month, some Pennsylvanians can access a special sign up period if they lost a job or insurance, recently moved to Pennsylvania, had a baby, or had another qualifying life event.
  • Quotable:  "Every Pennsylvanian deserves the dignity of knowing they can go to the doctor or fill a prescription when they need it, and it is a huge accomplishment that more Pennsylvanians than ever have the peace of mind that comes with having coverage to keep themselves and their families healthy," Dr. Val Arkoosh, Department of Human Services secretary, said in a statement.

If you or a loved one need health insurance, contact Pennie Customer Service at (844) 844-8040. Additional information about acquiring coverage is available online.