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KFF Monitor: Americans Weigh Return to ‘Normal’ during 2022

April 07, 2022

Heading into the third year of COVID-19, most U.S. adults have resumed some but not all of their normal pre-pandemic activities, according to the latest Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Vaccine Monitor.

The latest KFF monitor, released this week, tracks the public’s attitudes and experiences during the pandemic, using surveys and qualitative research.

“The latest analysis from a KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor survey finds that as the omicron surge recedes, a majority of adults say they are limiting their activity levels from pre-pandemic at least somewhat in order to protect themselves from COVID,” the report notes. 

Here are five insights from the latest KFF report:

  • A return to ‘normal’:  About 59 percent of adults have not fully returned to pre-pandemic activities, including 42 percent who are only doing some of those activities. About 27 percent reported that they have “basically returned to normal” and 14 percent reported never changing their routine 
  • Masking:  About half of adults reported they wore a mask every time or most of the time when indoors in public places during the past month. More than 60 percent of Black adults reported masking every time compared to 18 percent of White adults
  • Public transportation requirements:  Respondents were nearly split over whether the federal public transportation masking requirement should expire this month
  • Mental health:  About half of adults (49%) report the pandemic had a negative effect on their mental health. Two in three young adults reported the pandemic had negatively affected their mental health
  • Hardest challenges:  The top challenges reported included isolation (27%), not being able to travel and see things (13%), and financial impact (13%)

“On the flip side, when asked about the positives of the pandemic, 24% of adults say changes brought about by the pandemic have made them closer to their families,” the report said.

HAP encourages everyone to stay up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines and continue to monitor the level of COVID-19 in their communities. Additional information about vaccine appointments is available online.

The latest KFF Vaccine Monitor is available to review online.