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HAP, Pa. Hospitals Urge Support for Telehealth Bill

June 15, 2023

HAP and Pennsylvania’s hospital community are calling on state lawmakers to support legislation that will improve access to telehealth across the commonwealth.

In a letter this week to the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, HAP urged the legislators to advance a bill that would support patients and providers, and bring clarity to payments for these vital services.

“Pennsylvania’s hospitals are committed to providing the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time,” the HAP letter noted. “For thousands of Pennsylvanians, this means being able to choose high-quality primary, specialty, and follow-up care via telemedicine.”

Senate Bill 739 will:

  • Assure that insurers cannot deny payment for care simply because it is delivered via telemedicine
  • Ensure greater access to primary and specialty care, particularly for those who are isolated, older, or without transportation
  • Help patients manage chronic conditions and avoid hospital admissions or readmissions
  • Support schools to address physical and behavioral health issues
  • Aid caregivers of elderly or seriously ill patients
  • Align with CMS’ position that more must be done to expand payment for telemedicine services

HAP continues to support legislation and regulatory initiatives that improve access to telehealth for patients throughout Pennsylvania. Learn more about our telehealth advocacy.

The letter is available to review online.

For information about HAP’s advocacy, contact Heather Tyler, vice president, state legislative advocacy.