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HAP Highlights Why Medicaid Matters to Pennsylvania

February 18, 2022

In a presentation today to members of the General Assembly, HAP and other health care provider organizations underscored the critical role Medicaid plays in supporting Pennsylvanians’ access to quality health care.

The virtual briefing followed an earlier one held during November at the State Capitol. HAP, along with fellow members of the Pennsylvania Provider Advocacy Coalition, presented information to help lawmakers better understand Medicaid’s importance to their constituents, dispel misconceptions about the program, and highlight some ongoing challenges.

Key points included:

  • Helping Pennsylvanians:  The majority of Medicaid funding in Pennsylvania—78 percent—goes to helping older adults and people with disabilities. The program also helps many working families, children, and people with chronic health conditions access the care they need
  • Providers help fund Medicaid:  Assessments on health care providers help pay for the state’s Medicaid program and relieve stress on the state’s general fund budget
  • Medicaid faces challenges:  Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program faces a number of challenges, including demographic changes that are increasing Medicaid use, the need to maintain adequate funding, underpayments to providers, workforce shortages across health care, and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

“(Medicaid) expansion is linked to gains in coverage, improvements in access, financial security for consumers, improved health outcomes, and also economic benefits for states,” said Jeffrey Bechtel, HAP’s senior vice president, health economics and policy.