Extend COVID-19 Emergency Health Care Flexibilities beyond September 30

Retaining Pennsylvania's Regulatory Reforms

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor's disaster declaration allowed for certain regulations to be eased so that hospitals could quickly and more effectively respond to the public health emergency.

The regulatory waivers and flexibilities are slated to end September 30, 2021. Because of the efficiencies that resulted from easing these regulations, Pennsylvania hospitals are urging state legislators to protect pandemic-era reforms that have benefited all Pennsylvanians by:

  • Expanding telehealth services
  • Making vaccines easier to get at pharmacies
  • Removing licensing barriers that aggravate staffing shortages
  • Allowing hospitals to quickly adapt to emergencies by altering their space as necessary to care for influxes of patients

Failure to preserve emergency health care flexibilities will result in:

  • Fewer medical providers in a workforce already strained by staff shortages and pandemic conditions
  • Less flexibility in places to receive health care
  • Loss of access to proper care for Pennsylvanians

Essential COVID-19 Emergency Flexibilities to Preserve

Pennsylvania's regulatory reforms affect health care staffing, telemedicine and access to shots in pharmacies

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September 14, 2021

September 13, 2021

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For more information, contact Heather Tyler, vice president, state legislative advocacy, or; Sarah Lawver, director, advocacy activation. Media inquiries should be directed to Liam Migdail, director, media relations.