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Care in Pennsylvania | Quality and Cost Resource

Care in Pennsylvania is a new resource to help patients like you take a more active role in your health care decisions. Whether you are searching for a new physician or researching the best hospital for an upcoming procedure, you can use this tool to help you make the best choices for your particular situation.

Care in Pennsylvania offers easy look-up capabilities for finding:

  • Physician, hospital, and nursing home quality performance
  • Service use rates across select measures
  • Useful health care terminology with definitions

Pennsylvania health care providers strive for excellence to provide high-value critical care at the right time. However, not all services are offered at every nursing home, hospital, or physician office. Use this tool to see the services available to you at your local hospitals, nursing homes, and physician practices. The information found on Care in Pennsylvania allows you to search health care organizations across the state. We rate facilities using objective information on aspects of quality both professionals and patients have said are most important to them.

The data provided on this site should be viewed as a snapshot, and should by no means be considered the only source of information. The service use information used in this resource comes from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council for federal fiscal year 2014-2015. Quality information contains Hospital Compare data updated December 2016. Always consult your local provider.


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