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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Recognized for Violence Prevention in Community

March 12, 2015

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) efforts to prevent violence in its community is featured in a new Health Research & Educational Trust report, “Hospital Approaches to Interrupt the Cycle of Violence.”

CHOP’s Violence Prevention Initiative, launched during 2013, is a multi-disciplinary program that includes new models of inpatient care, in addition to community engagement activities to improve the health and safety of children and their families.

The violence prevention initiative includes:

  • Partners for Prevention—an intensive bullying prevention program for youth in grades three through five which helps students learn problem-solving, perspective-taking, and anger-management skills. It also supports teachers, school staff, volunteers, and parents to reinforce anti-bullying strategies.
  • Free2B—a one-day bullying prevention and conflict resolution program for middle school students, which CHOP calls the “next generation” of evidence-based public health education.
  • Children’s and Mom’s Project—a multi-institutional collaborative effort that provides support for clinicians to screen for intimate partner violence.
  • Violence Intervention Program—provides wraparound social services and case management for assault-injured youth, including trauma-informed services.

CHOP’s goal is to reduce youth violence through evidenced-based practice and policy, and create a replicable model of national scale. As a pediatric research hub, the hospital can continuously evaluate and refine its programs.

The hospital works closely with the Philadelphia community to assess how this initiative is reducing hospital recidivism and promoting positive youth development. By example, the school bullying prevention programs have led to a decrease in aggressive behavior and improved problem-solving skills.

Violence has a major impact on population health and quality of life in communities. Hospitals can play a key role in prevention efforts due to their deep ties to communities and their intimate connection to victims of violence.

CHOP’s Violence Prevention Initiative stresses the importance of collaborating with community partners to develop programs that are effective, culturally acceptable, and based in science; and leverages the expertise and interests of outside clinicians to supplement violence prevention initiatives.

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