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News Release: HAPevolve Announces Endorsed Partnership with Qualivis

August 12, 2019

HAPevolve, a subsidiary company of The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), has entered into an endorsed partner relationship with Qualivis, a national provider of health care workforce solutions that simplify staffing and help hospitals build a better workplace.  

Responding to the complex and ever-changing needs of diverse patient populations has long been a core service of Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health systems. Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health systems employ more than 280,000 individuals to deliver high-quality patient care, and tens of thousands more are connected through ancillary industries.

Making sure that hospitals have the right mix of clinical staff to meet the needs of inconstant patient demand can be a costly and complex endeavor. Most hospitals leverage temporary staffing firms to help fill workplace gaps, and many find they need to contract with different organizations to meet their workforce needs. Managing multiple staffing firm contracts can be costly to manage and often results in lost operational efficiency.

Qualivis was founded by the South Carolina Hospital Association in an effort to help that state’s hospitals find solutions in managing clinical staffing levels in meeting the demands of patient care. 

Qualivis leverages a network of more than 300 partners to help satisfy the needs of hundreds of hospital clients. Qualivis’ network allows it to provide a singular point of contact to meet a whole host of hospital clinical and operational staffing needs.

“We are excited to welcome Qualivis as our most recent endorsed partner, and are looking forward to working together to help Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health systems better manage their complex temporary staffing activities,” said Joe Tibbs, HAPevolve’s president. “We conducted a rigorous review of many health care staffing services and found that Qualivis brings a unique combination of experience, culture, and technology that will be a great fit for Pennsylvania’s hospital community.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with HAPevolve and add them as our 15th state association partner,” said Sherry Kolb, RN, president of Qualivis. “As an organization built by hospitals, for hospitals and health systems, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to solve staffing challenges from every angle. We look forward to creating customized staffing solutions for Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems.”

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