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Prepare to Celebrate Patient Experience Week during April

March 19, 2019

Pennsylvania health care providers and consumers have the opportunity to celebrate Patient Experience Week April 22–26, 2019. This annual event, organized by The Beryl Institute, provides a focused time for organizations to celebrate accomplishments, re-energize efforts, and honor individuals who have impacted the patient experience in health care every day.

The Beryl Institute has created a list of resources to assist hospitals and health systems with planning a recognition program. This includes suggestions for events and audiences that should be honored.

According to research contained in the Beryl Institute’s 2017 The State of Patient Experience: A Return to Purpose:

  • Experience efforts are expanding and are now an integral part of the fabric of health care efforts
  • Patient experience remains a top priority with a focus on employee engagement now seen as a central driver in experience efforts
  • Leadership and culture are now the significant motivators versus the historic focus on mandates and requirements, and there is a recognition of the impact that patient/family voice and caregiver engagement has on the work of health care
  • Patient experience itself continues to establish presence with the role of patient experience leaders, experience team size, and the use of a formal definition on the rise
  • Patient experience is now being recognized as an integrated effort touching on much of what providers do in health care and one that drives clear and measurable outcomes

One of HAP’s priorities is working with hospitals and health care providers to increase awareness about the importance of the patient experience of care. HAP developed the nation’s first state hospital association-sponsored Person and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) during 2013, with the goal of improving quality and safety through hospital partnerships with patients and their families.

HAP’s PFAC has grown into an award-winning program. The PFAC leverages Pennsylvania-wide learning networks; best practices aligned with The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ patient-and-family-centered care goals; and service-excellence strategies that put patients first.

HAP is accepting applications for PFAC membership at this time. If being a patient advocate and health care change agent is right for you, consider joining an established PFAC with state-wide influence and a proven record of success.

Please contact Janette Bisbee for additional information.

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