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Three Things Classic Rock Can Teach you About Emergency Response

September 25, 2019

Most personal and facility plans contain specific guidance about managing and responding to an incident. Through training, review, and exercises, you should be knowledgeable of your role(s) and responsibilities based on your facility’s plans, policies, and emergency response procedures.

Emergencies can be chaotic and stressful times, and the situation can change in an instant. It is important that you understand the actions during any incident.

During September’s National Preparedness Month, the experts at HAPevolve, HAP’s wholly owned solutions subsidiary, have prepared a list of lessons that three classic rock songs can teach about what to do during an actual emergency as well as tips on impact-based planning. Check out part three of the four-part emergency preparedness mini-series, which provides a deep dive into the potential impacts of emergencies and the important items to consider when preparing an emergency plan.

Part one provided insight into the five most-common categories of emergencies identified through a hazard vulnerability analysis, which determines the specific scenarios that each health care facility should prepare for.

Part two of the series highlights important tips—the six “Ps” of preparation—to help health care providers and facilities get ready for the emergencies they may experience: plan, preparations, prevent, people, patients, and practice.

Pennsylvania’s hospital community plays an important role in emergency preparedness, working with HAP’s emergency preparedness team and state and local governments and organizations to prepare for and coordinate their statewide, regional, and local preparedness and response efforts, including large-scale events, hurricanes and other weather disasters, outbreaks, and cybersecurity issues.

For more information, contact Mary Akyol, HAPevolve’s manager, client services.

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