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Federal Health IT Strategic Plan Released

November 06, 2020

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Information Technology last week released the final 2020–2025 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan. This plan serves as a roadmap for initiatives to advance interoperability and further promote the use of electronic health information to improve health, advance research, and inform outcomes, with a focus on individuals’ access to their electronic health information.

ONC highlighted the four primary goals on which the strategic plan is based:

  1. Promote Health and Wellness
  2. Enhance the Delivery and Experience of Care
  3. Build a Secure, Data-Driven Culture to Accelerate Research and Innovation
  4. Connect Health Care and Health Data through an Interoperable Health IT Infrastructure

More than 25 federal organizations contributed to ONC’s efforts to create the plan. Following the release of a draft during January, more than 100 public comments were received that helped craft the key principles in the plan:

  • Putting individuals first by focusing on person-centered care
  • Focusing on value by promoting and pursuing activities that improve health and care quality
  • Building a culture of secure access to health information
  • Putting research into action
  • Encouraging innovation and competition
  • Being a responsible steward by developing health IT policies through open, transparent, and accountable processes

HAP continues to participate both in quarterly meetings with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services' eHealth Partnership Program, as well as its monthly Health Information Exchange Trust Community meetings to understand how implementation of the federal Health IT Strategic Plan will affect Pennsylvania hospitals.

With questions or for more information, contact Sari Siegel, PhD, HAP’s vice president, health care research.