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Revenue Cycle Analytics

Discover the Value in Your Data

How can you realize value from the mass of data that is generated in your enterprise every day? You’ll see.℠

Every day, your HIS, ERP, ANSI X12 claims data, and other systems of record generate terabytes of Big Data. Your tablets, smartphones, and other devices add even more volume, variety, and velocity.

In all this data, there are leading indicators, anomalies and outliers that call for action to improve revenue integrity, cash flow, and bad debt performance.

Now you can send VisiQuate this unsorted volume securely every night. VisiQuate solutions identify these items, and every business morning they send you insights, alerts, and actionable worklists that lead directly to measurable performance improvement.

All solutions are tailored to your unique needs, but those most frequently used are:

  • GuideBoard―(C-suite and board of directors insights)
  • Patient access performance analytics
  • Revenue management analytics
  • Denials management analytics
  • Patient pay analytics
  • Payer audit analytics
  • Value care analytics
  • Enterprise analytics

To know more, visit VisiQuate's website or contact HAP's Daneen Schroder.


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