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Recent Survey Finds 68% of Patients Report Challenges with Social Determinants of Health

January 10, 2019

A survey of 500 U.S. health care consumers found patients often report challenges with social determinants of health. The survey was done by Waystar, a revenue cycle technology provider.

Social determinants of health are societal factors that either negatively influence or prevent someone from reaching good health. Income, education, employment, culture, poverty, public safety, and transportation are examples of social determinants that are frequently identified in a hospital community health needs assessment (CHNA).

As hospitals update their CHNAs and implement plans for addressing those findings, an understanding of the social determinants affecting your patients is essential. By collaborating with local non-profits, industry, academic institutions, or other public service organizations, hospitals can begin to take steps to address these challenges.

In Philadelphia, HAP sponsors a COACH collaborative that brings hospitals and health systems together with local services to address social determinants of health by connecting patients to support systems.

For additional information about social determinants of health, or to discuss how your organization can take steps to address the needs within your community, contact Robert Shipp, HAP’s vice president, population health strategies.  

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