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HAP Achievement Awards Spotlight: UPMC Cole

November 09, 2018

UPMC Cole received HAP’s 2018 “Community Champions” Achievement Award for its successful creation of a regional health care collaborative with network partners focused on addressing the need for coordinated, patient-centered physical, behavioral health and drug and alcohol services for the at-risk population in our rural communities.

HAP Achievement Award

Despite achieving success in many areas during previous community health needs assessments, UPMC Cole sought to develop and formalize a relationship with community partners who were committed to improving community health. After review of 2015 community health needs assessment priorities and additional partner input, a plan was established to establish a formal community health collaborative that included leading experts in several fields.

With a formal plan, goals, a successful planning grant, the group met monthly to address needs in the community health needs assessment along with additional gaps identified by community partners.

The results speak for themselves. UPMC Cole’s community health collaborative:

  • Identified gaps in mental health and substance services and established sub-committees that meet quarterly to implement the plan to address these gaps
  • Implemented the Healthy Communities Institute’s platform to assist partners in better understanding the regional data and demographics of at-risk populations, gaps in services, research evidence- based best practices, and align collaborative objectives
  • Developed an operational framework to improve delivery of physical and mental health and substance abuse; educated partners about national best practices and care models; introduced tele-psychiatry to address regional gaps in care; implemented a universal screening for depression and substance use disorder; and developed an implementation plan for improving mental health and substance abuse priorities
  • Assessed all partners health literacy knowledge; UPMC Cole formed an internal Health Literacy team and is incorporated health literacy into its strategic plan; conducted health literacy training for partners and developed an educational plan to enhance providers skill sets and increase patient engagement
  • Created a formalized sustainable community health collaborative infrastructure to work collectively on improving population and community health
  • Compiled a mental health and drug and alcohol “roadmap” of services and communication plan to create greater awareness of available services to enhance coordination of care and access to care for at-risk populations

Congratulations to UPMC Cole for receiving a 2018 HAP Achievement Award. Learn more about their efforts as well as the other 2018 award-winning program on HAP’s website. 

Questions about the HAP Achievement Awards may be directed to HAP Member Services at (717) 561-5359.

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